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Force Points


What Are Force Points?

Force Points in the SWCCG: ITE are redeemable for special offers and for purchasing cards from the The Member's Store. Once you earn 500 Force Points you can trade them in for cards from The Member's Store. Force Points cannot fall below 500. *Note, all Force Points after being used are gone, so if you have 563 Force Points, and use 10 Force Points in purchasing something from The Member's Store, then you will be down to 553 Force Points.

How Do I Get Force Points?

There are many ways to earn Force Points in the SW:CCG: ITE.

  1. You are given 1 Force Point for signing up.  (Aren't we generous?)

  2. Every time you recruit a member you get 2 Force Points.  If the Masters find out that you made up the names you will either be banned or will lose Force Points.

  3. If you find an error on this web site you will get at least 1 Force Point.  That is any kind of error: grammar, spelling, technical, etc.

  4. If you make a suggestion for the page, and we use it, you will be given at least 5 Force Points.

  5. You can submit a deck design for 10 Force Points.  We have the right not to accept deck designs, but this will almost never go into affect.

  6. You get Force Points for Pictures you send to the Masters. The exact amount will be determined once they are viewed.

  7. If you help out the group in any way, the Masters will give a fitting amount of Force Points for your work. (This will always be a high amount)

  8. If you trade with one of the Masters, you will receive up to 10 Force Points.

  9. If you win a card in an auction sponsored by the ITE, you will receive Force Points equal to the dollar amount of your winnings.

  10. If you participate in a survey or contest you will get 5 Force Points.

  11. If you donate cards to the Masters you will receive a set amount of Force Points, the breakdown can be found on the Auctions and The Member's Store page. Email Emperor AJ for the address to send your card(s) to.

  12. Any member whose rank is Stormtrooper or higher will get a monthly pay check that gives them at least 1 Force Point.

  13. If you purchase card(s) from The Member's Store you will receive Force Points equal to the dollar amount of your purchase. (ie. $2 purchase= 2 credits)

These are the ways so far that a member can get Force Points.  If you have any questions, e-mail them to Emperor AJ.


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