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ITE News

The first entries in this will have vague details and dates, my apologies, but since the idea has just occured to me I cannot remember every detail. Anyway, here goes:

May/June 1998:
The ITE is first conceived by Bass2980. The skeleton page is created somewhere on or near May 29, 1998.

June 1998:
The ITE gets its first members. The page is constantly updated. AJSNGS (soon to be Emperor AJ) joins as the club's thirteenth member.

July 1998:
Bass2890 offers control of the ITE to AJSNGS. AJ excepts. The page is updated almost everyday by the eager AJ.

August 1998:
AJ goes on a recruiting and updating rampage. Jedi Master Lee becomes an active member.

September 1998:
AJ updates the page to the point where all links are now open. (Bass2890 had created sections for surveys, contests, etc. but had never created links for them.)

November 1998:
Message boards and polls were now added to added to the ITE's main page. AJ declares himself as Emperor AJ. Jedi Master Lee becomes a full fledged Jedi Master in the ITE. ITE undergoes massive changes. Somewhere around the end of November or the beginning of December the ITE reaches 1500 hits!

December 1998:
Emperor AJ contemplates closing the ITE due to lack of involvement. Jedi Master Lee persuades Emperor AJ to give it a little while longer.

January 1999:
ITE reaches 2000 hits! ITE springs back into action with new members and new additions to the page. Emperor AJ decides to leave the ITE open.

May 1999:
Emperor AJ and Jedi Master Lee start a long and drastic updating streak. Somewhere around here the price guide springs to life.

October 11, 1999:
News page is created on Emperor AJ's first sick day of the year. From now on dates will be posted along with the months.

October 17, 1999:
Emperor AJ adds three new members to the member list.

December 26-27, 1999:
Updates are in full swing. The Imperial Trading Empire is now available in frames. There are still some problems with the new format but they are being quickly fixed. One new member is added.

December 29, 1999:
A new counter and guestbook are added courtesy of A new members page is in the works.

December 30, 1999:
The members page is redone and is now in the form of an e-mail form. This is to make it easier for new members to join.

January 1, 2000:
Happy New Year! Nothing much happened on this date, but I just figured I'd put it in anyways. One new member is added. A members deck page is being made. Send in your decks!

April 17, 2000:
The ITE reaches 1800 hits! Emperor AJ has a new e-mail address. Emperor AJ

April 20, 2000:
ITE reaches 1900 hits! The ITE is currently on pace for its most successful week in terms of hits in its history! A new poll has been opened and is doing very well. Two new members are added. ITE sets new record for hits in one day (47).

April 21, 2000:
ITE sets new record for hits in one week!

April 23, 2000:
Happy Easter! ITE reaches 2000 hits!

June 6, 2000:
On the 56th anniversary of the D-day landing, Jedi Master Lee steps down from the ITE. He will be missed. Thank you Lee.

June 20, 2000:
The ITE reaches 3000 hits!

January 28, 2001:
First update in quite a while. After some more Tripod problems, Emperor AJ added 4 new members to the list of members.

February 7, 2001:
The ITE reaches 5000 hits!

May 7, 2001:
The ITE reachers 7000 hits!

June 9, 2001:
One new member is added.

June 14, 2001:
Two new members are added.

July 15, 2001:
ITE reaches 8000 hits!

July 17, 2001:
Two new members are added.

August 18, 2001:
Two new members are added.

August 20, 2001:
A new poll is started.

August 23, 2001:
A new member is added.

August 26, 2001:
A new member is added.

September 9, 2001:
The ITE reaches 9000 hits!

September 11, 2001:
A day that will live in infamy.....The United States of America is attacked by terrorists. Hi-jacked planes strike the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, which later collapse, while the Pentagon is also struck. Another plane crashes in Pennsylvania. Early reports say 5,000 dead or missing.
September 13, 2001:
The United States declares war on terrorists around the world. A major military retaliation is imminent.
October 5, 2001:
One new member added.

November 30, 2001:
One new member is added to the member list. The end of the Imperial Trading Empire may be soon.